40 Years

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Comparing Training?

Do they have a classroom with training by a certified instructor?

At Glenn's we offer an actual classroom taught by an instructor which we believe provides much better quality training than an online course.

Do they have a reception desk for incoming calls and bookings?

Glenn's has full time office staff which means that an in car instructor will never be answering a call while trying to teach a student.

Our school owns all of our training cars.

Some discount schools use the instructor’s vehicles.

There are no hidden or add-on fees. We will not compromise the quality of your training to lower prices. We have built our reputation over 30 years by producing safe, confident drivers.

Thank you to our customers for choosing Glenn’s as Edmonton’s top driving school.
Advantages of taking the Insurance Reduction Course at Glenn’s Driving School are:

Lessons begin and end at the driving school

  • This guarantees a full 60 minutes of instruction time.
  • We have set lesson plans which all instructors must follow. Every student does the same things in the same way. Therefore, the quality of the lesson does not depend on which instructor a student has.
  • ALL students begin their lessons in a quiet residential neighborhood and only progress to heavy traffic areas once the basic skills have been mastered.
  • “It became very easy to learn to drive from the people here.”
  • “I tried two teachers with (another school)…I am so grateful I found Glenn’s. The two teachers were fantastic”

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One-on-one with the Instructor

  • Students never share instruction times with other students unless the students are siblings, and both have requested to do so.

Scheduling is done from our office with a receptionist

  • Instructors are NEVER trying to instruct and book lessons simultaneously.
  • There is no rush to “get it done” and get off the phone.
  • “They were very helpful with booking lessons and returning phone calls.”

Quality Classroom Instruction

  • The course includes an emphasis on defensive driving, plus time for student interaction and discussion.
  • Our classroom instructor has also taught in the cars, and is able answer any questions the student may have in this regard.
  • Arrangements can be made to take the classroom test orally.
  • Multiple FREE practice tests will be made available to students experiencing difficulty passing the Classroom Test.
  • “Very friendly, knowledgeable; reasonable and easy to understand”
  • “Very informative; lots of information”

Heavy Traffic Drive focuses on left turns and lane changes

  • These are critical areas, where many collisions occur.
  • This works on the judgment needed by students to avoid these collisions

Standard/Manual Lessons are Provided

  • Students can opt to do all 10 hours in Automatic, or take 6 hours Standard and 4 hours Automatic for the same rate.
  • Students choosing to take Standard lessons can switch to the Automatic at any time.
  • Also, if the instructor feels that the student might not be ready for the road test if he/she continues on the standard, he will suggest switching to the automatic.

Flexible Scheduling

  • Lessons may be scheduled days, evenings, or Saturdays.
  • In-car lessons are booked at the time of registering unless the student wants to wait.
  • Lessons can be re-scheduled at any time. There is no charge if we have been given 24 hours’ notice.
  • Classroom Schedules:
    • Evenings Five weekdays, 6:00pm – 9:15pm
    • Mornings During Christmas and Spring Breaks, and July and August
    • Monday to Friday, 9:15 am to 12:30 pm
  • If a student’s schedule does not allow him/her to attend all classrooms in a particular session, the student can make up the class in a future session.
  • “Glenn’s was very willing to accommodate me.”
  • “ I had to re-book – they were happy to accommodate me.”

Road Test

Government regulations require all road tests to be conducted at a registry by an independent examiner.

Insurance Reduction Course

  • 15 hours of Classroom
  • 10 hours in-car lessons
  • The Course Certificate entitles the new driver to a discount on Insurance Premiums

Individual Lessons may be purchased by:

  • Those not wanting to take the whole course
  • Class 5 drivers wanting to learn to drive Standard Vehicles
  • Class 5 drivers preparing for the Exit Test, or for a Class 4 test
  • Class 7 students requiring more than the 10 hours of the course, or students wanting more practice
  • Immigrants who have qualified to take the Class 5 test immediately
  • Seniors whose doctors have required them to be re-tested
  • Persons requiring re-testing after a suspension

Class 7 Test Preparation Package

  • The Preparation Package cost is deducted from the Full Course cost.
  • Many students tell us they had difficulty passing the Class 7 Test at the Registry.
  • We have developed a series of Practice Tests from a data base of over 275 questions, all based on the Driver's Guide.
  • The Class 7 Preparation Package includes:
  • A FREE Readiness Evaluation Test.
  • The 15 hour Classroom Course
  • Multiple Practice Tests
  • As much individualized tutoring as is needed for success

Preparing to Practice Safely

  • Students who are not yet eligible for the Class 5 test may take 7 hours of lessons immediately, and save the last 3 hours for a refresher just before taking the test.
  • These 7 hours usually will take the student through practice in light traffic and often into heavier traffic on 97 St.
  • Students - AND PARENTS – can be confident that they are practicing properly and safely during the months leading up to their road test.

Payments may be made by Visa, Mastercard, Debit, or Cash

  • Customers can opt to pay 50% down to book into a classroom, and to schedule their in-car lessons.
  • The balance will be due at the time of the first in-car lesson.

Options for Registering for the Course

  • Registration forms may be picked up at our office. They are available on the door if the office is closed.
  • Forms can be sent to the customer by e-mail or fax
  • Forms may be brought to the office, faxed or emailed to us to complete the registration.

Instructor Qualities

It is a requirement to work as an instructor at Glenn’s that the person demonstrate patience with students and speak fluent English.

“..Very patient with me as a nervous driver. Accommodating and very respectful.”

Referrals from Others

  • We have had a driver examiner request our business cards so that he could give them to people requesting a reputable driving school. This is an examiner who has tested some of our students.
  • Students have told us that their insurance companies have suggested coming to our school.
  • The majority of our students have been referred to us by their friends who have taken lessons with us, or whose siblings came to Glenn’s.
  • Because we have been in business for 37 years, we are now having students being registered whose parents - and sometimes Grandparents - took their training with us.
  • In a recent classroom, 19 of the 20 students had chosen Glenn's Driving School because we had been recommended to them.
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